OUT NOW! 1st Electronic Collab w/ B0ATS Released on Prescribed in UK

Today marks the release of my first official collaboration in Electronic music w/ my brothers B0ATS! Between Dj'ing in nightclubs across the city or hosting events, I was thrilled at the chance to work with the boys of B0ATS on this collaboration we are proud to share called "Who We Are"!

A fusion of house, jazz, and soul that features acoustic guitar, sax, and drops that bring back memories of partying at Elsewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia, it has a strong message delivered in smooth transitions. The boys got the track featured and released through Prescribed, a label based out of the UK, that is kindly offering the track free to download.

B0ATS is made up of my close friend Chris, head of Daybreaker Boston, and Mack, Audio engineer for the music software company Izotope

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