New Song "Fire Burn Low" Out Friday November 15th!

I'm dropping a new song next Friday Nov 15th called "Fire Burn Low"! Track was the favourite song, when I recorded it in Byron Bay Australia with legendary producer Garrett Kato :)


It’s been said, love is a journey. Getting lost, confused, indecisive, asking advice or direction, is something we all do. Of all the songs written about love, few are as honest and straight-forward yet soulfully fun as Johan Danno’s Fire Burn Low. A blue-eyed soul song with indie-folk and pop-rock influences, Fire Burn Low gives hope between the thoughts we all go when a relationship becomes a relationshit - “can we save it? or is it time to move on?” 

Flowing effortlessly between danceable, a perfect coastal drive with the top down, a needed pep-talk to rekindle the love we lost as the fire burns low, or perhaps celebrate 4:20 to calm after a fight, it’s a soft rock R&B anthem that no doubt, will save relationships - or at least some sanity. Danno has a Tom Misch or Jason Mraz flavour, able to bring 90’s or 00’s music fans a current artist with a global footprint, having with one foot in Florida and the other Byron Bay Australia, where it was recorded with Garrett Kato.  

Whether it’s the end of the night and fight and time to burn, or the start of a new day to chillax and play, Fire Burn Low is a fitting song to fall back in love to or perhaps peace with your ex, and move the f**k on.



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