Thank you to all the incredible people, blogs, media, radio, and channels that have shared my music and story... I appreciate you and all you do!”

— J.Danno

Interview @ WLRN Public Radio (Miami)

It was an absolute pleasure stopping by the WLRN Radio & TV Studio in Miami to chat with Michael for his acoustic folk radio show and perform live on the air!

We chatted my journey so far, what drives me to play and write, how I bounced back from depressed and suicidal at 19 to a world travelling independent musician, and what it's like being an independent musician today, trying to make a living on the road.

I setup a facebook live of the radio session that you can watch here:

Magazine Review: Purpose & Peace

"This four song EP is a beautiful showcase of the musicianship and exceptional voice of Gold Coast’s Johan Danno. The EP starts with folky sounding ‘Fall in Line’ and the track seems to be telling Johan’s own tale of leaving behind the society- approved way to live and forge his own path. As someone who has done the same, it brings a smile of recognition along with the need to tap my feet. 

‘Fighting For’ displays a masterful voice reminiscent of Ed Sheeran combined with the melody and principles of Bob Marley. Johan says his favourite song on the EP is acoustic and harmonica-fuelled ballad, ‘Sunrise’ and while it’s a strong offering, the previously released single ‘Fighting For’ was my standout. The EP is rounded out with ‘New Day’, a song that gives you the feeling that the EP title ‘Purpose and Peace’ is exactly what Johan is chasing." 

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Blog Reviews: Sunrise

"Sweet, soft singer songwriters are difficult to find. Even though many attempt this style, it really takes flawless execution in vocals and guitar work. There’s no band to hide behind for Johan Danno, whose every line is on point in this song. The lyrics are poetic and inspiring, while the acoustic line is particularly relaxing. Danno is an artist we’ll be watching and supporting closely in 2018." 

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"Quiet as mouse but there is definitely something stirring here. The harmonica teethers on the edge of proceedings until the sensitive outpourings emerge, all X Factor ready and carrying a trailer of shoulders to cry on. This will have plenty falling head over heels and it is hard to argue with the sentiments." 

"It's a perfect song for rainy days :) And your voice is really unique. As well as your universe, and it's a huge advantage for an artist."


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