His passion for what he does is something that gets too often lost in the world of today... I wish I knew more people like him!”


The furthest distance we ever travel... is the distance from our head to our heart. ”

— Johan Danno

Story of Johan Danno

Early Years

Growing up in South Florida, his love of music came from his grandmother, learning guitar from one of Eric Clapton's guitarists, singing in church, and playing with his friends. Performing live since the age of 11, starting with violin and piano, guitar, took over at 13.

Graduating UCF Orlando in 2010, Johan sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Australia, soon leaving his music dreams for an IT career, achieving corporate success with a promising new career. Choosing music and meditation over medication for his battle with depression, it was only when one of his song “Alive” saved a friends life he discovered his purpose and life and his music was bigger than himself.

Music Career

Ditching his tie for a guitar strap in 2015, he started performing 6 shows every week on the Gold Coast of Australia, created a weekly original music series he ran with a friend to showcase local and national acts, and spent 2yrs perfecting his live show by learning from his peers. Working with songwriters in Byron Bay, Nashville, and LA, he perfected his songwriting and songs, finally landing on Garrett Kato as his producer for is now called "The Dakota Sol Sessions'.

Funding the album and tour through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, it's first single "Fall in Line" was released 2016 along with Johan booking a multi-city tour across the USA with shows in Nashville, Boston, NYC, Austin, Orlando, and Vegas, with most cities Johan had never been to. Returning to Australia for an Australia tour, Johan received the recognition of being named "one of the top five songwriters of Australia" in 2017.

2017 to Present

Releasing his second single "Fighting For" in 2017, Johan then booked a follow-up US tour, this time taking trains and buses across the USA, performing the iconic Daybreaker Festival in Boston and Social in Orlando, the venue he had done promotions for his favourite bands while at UCF such as Rebelution, Pepper, and The Expendables. With his fan base growing fan base, Johan performing in Charlotte at a show booked by a fan that had discovered him through instagram and chose to cancel his return ticket to Australia for a train ticket to Austin to perform at the Google HQ. 

Daybreaker (Boston, 2017)

Daybreaker (Boston, 2017)

Releasing his 3rd single "Sunrise" along with half of the Dakota Sol Sessions as a 4-track EP "Peace and Purpose" in Dec 2017, the single was placed on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify playlists across Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Supported by a multi-city Florida tour with 2 shows in his hometown Delray Beach and the expansion of his live show into a full-band, the tour closed with Johan relocating to Florida to perform follow-up shows around South Florida with the band, an event himself and a fellow artists created to benefit victims of human trafficking and the No More Tears foundation, and perform at the Florida Music Festival.  

Showing no signs of stopping or slowing down, Johan is releasing his sophomore EP "Live Alive" in 2018 featuring "Rescue Me' (July 2018), "Alive" (Oct 2018), and "Fire Burn Low" to help spread his message of music and love as the best medication for depression.