His passion for what he does is something that gets too often lost in the world of today... I wish I knew more people like him!”


The furthest distance we ever travel... is the distance from our head to our heart. ”

— Johan Danno

Story of Johan Danno

Early Years

Growing up in South Florida, Johan's love of music came from his family, even getting the last letter his grandmother wrote him tattooed on his left wrist. From singing his church until 11 and first performing live on violin in an orchestra, acoustic guitar took over at age 13, becoming his main instrument ever since.

To overcome his depression, after graduating UCF Orlando in 2010, Johan sold everything and with a one-way ticket went to Australia. Having to trade in his music dreams for an IT career, Johan achieving corporate success working for Deloitte and using his marketing background in the start-up space with SAP.

Always using music and meditation, instead of medication, for his mental health, it wasn't until one of his song “Alive” saved a friends life, Johan knew his true calling in life.

Let The Music Play...

Ditching his tie for a guitar strap in 2015, Johan started performing 6 covers shows every week on the Gold Coast of Australia to make a living. To help the local scene, Johan created a weekly original music series to showcase local and national acts called 'Live & Local GC' that ran for two years. Working with Who Agency to fine-tune his brand, Johan set out learning how to run the business behind his music as an independent artist.

Waiting for 10yrs, Johan landed on the Byron Bay Based and internationally recognised songwriter Garrett Kato as his producer. Funding his album through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Johan booked a multi-city tour across the USA playing Nashville, NYC, Boston, LA, Vegas, and Orlando (most of the cities he had never been to), sponsored in part by Jersey Mikes Subs.

Releasing his first single "Fall in Line" Sept 2016, Johan teamed up with Hollywood icon and local film celebrity Ken Twohy as director for the music video. Returning to Australia for his first Australian tour in 2017, Johan received the recognition of being named "one of the top five songwriters of Australia" by Songs Alive Australia.

Farming, Boston, Google Austin...

Releasing his second single "Fighting For" in mid-2017, Johan teamed up with Australia's premier PR lady Kitty Kitty Bang Bang to get the single premiered on TheMusic.Com.Au. Now on a shoestring budget, Ken Twohy directs the music video for free, citing Johan's "passion, talent, and drive, make any project I can work with him on, always worth my time."

Flying to Oregon and working at the Orekron farm to fund his next tour, Johan then booked a follow-up multi-city US tour. Travelling via trains, buses, and sleeping on floors or couches, Johan moved from playing half cover shows to full original shows.

Performing Daybreaker Festival, Capo Supper Club in Boston, Bowery Electric in NYC, Belcourt Taps in Nashville, the Social in Orlando (where Johan had once promoted Rebelution, Pepper, and Xavier Rudd in college), and Charlotte NC for a fan booked show, the tour was a success. Learning of his music, he was given the opportunity to perform for Google in Austin with a place to stay.