From the recordings Purpose & Peace and Gold & Sunshine

"The harmonica teethers on the edge of proceedings until the sensitive outpourings emerge, all X Factor ready and carrying a trailer of shoulders to cry on. This will have plenty falling head over heels and it is hard to argue with the sentiments and performance" - MP3 Hugger

From the beaches of Australia and mangroves of South Florida comes “Sunrise”, Johan Danno’s 3rd single from his debut EP ‘Purpose and Peace’. A love song written about the power that each day possess at sunrise, the song flows like a river of peace and calm, inviting a chance to let go of what has been and to welcome what will be, tackling the ups and downs of life and twists and turns, made ever more powerful when learning the song stemmed from Johan’s use of meditation over medication from age 19 after a near suicide attempt.

Recorded in Byron Bay with producer Garrett Kato, the track was recorded live in one-tack with Johan performing harmonica, guitar, vocals, and a kick drum. Utilising simple production techinques as made famous by The Lumineers, Trevor Hall, and Garrett Kato while pulling from the long song length songwriting style made famous by Nahko, “Sunrise” reminds us to fill our hearts and empty our minds when we feel like we’re trying to keep our heads above water.

Lyrics for 'Sunrise"
Sunrise alight in the morning reveal darkness in me,
cast away shadows of pain inside and following me,
welcome a new kind of life in every breath I feel alive,
sunrise light in the morning cleanse my soul free my mind

High tide love low tide just roll with the flow,
in this moment we just let love take control,
sometimes we’re lost and don’t know where we belong,
but where ever you go
where there’s love my friend your home,

Trying to keep my head above water,
floating but I feel free,
let go of what has been to welcome what will be,
trying to keep my head above water,
floating but I feel, it’s just you and me

I am completely in love with you,
and as we sit here floating in this emotion,
that passes between you and I it runs deep it runs wide,
this love is flowing like a river (x4)
in the morning sunrise,
fill my heart and empty my mind

from Purpose and Peace, releases December 18, 2017
Written and performed by Johan Danno
Produced by Garrett Kato
Mixed by Garrett Kato
Mastered By Andrew @ Studio 301, Sydney
All Rights Reserved (C) 2017