1. Alive

From the recording Gold & Sunshine

The song is a warm balance between optimism, the feeling of a new beginning, with the cinematic close of one chapter. A re-birth, starting over, the ability of the hero to look back on everything they have learned, starting now a new with hope, peace, and purpose.
The Official release Monday, Oct 22nd
Credit Notes:
Written and performed by Johan Danno
Produced & Mixed by: Garrett Kato
Mastered by: Andrew (Studio 301)
Recorded: Byron Bay (Australia) 2016
Guest Artist: Arielle Morgan
"Alive" was written for second chances, new chapters, for staying positive through the darkness, to learn to not only face and embrace it, by love it to discover how to truly love yourself.

Everything begins and ends, within. Never compare your past to your present or future, and only compare you to your potential.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Let love and hope write your life story, not fear, anger, or sadness... 2:22 is a sign that you are loved, so remember to be kind, considerate, and LIVE while you're ALIVE!

The sunlight opens my eyes
to the start, of a beautiful day,
let the worries, and all the pain,
of yesterday, simply wash away,
and in this moment, it’s good to feel,
something, and in this moment,
it’s good to be, alive (yeah)

Wash away all of your sadness,
let go of what’s pulling you backward,
feel the love and share in laughter,
believe in happily ever after,
let it go, change your life,
everything starts inside,
in your heart you’ll find

Everything, is gonna be alright,
ease your worries and clear your mind,
it’s a beautiful day, like you and I,
and everything, is gonna be alright

Maybe we’re all, just waiting for a sign,
as we fall to pieces, fall to pieces,
so many of us, are living this lie,
as we fall to pieces, she whispers

Everything, is gonna be alright,
forget your worries and step outside,
it’s a beautiful day like you and I,
and it feels good to be alive